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4 Reasons to Choose Candid Wedding Photography

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candid wedding photography - bride and groom laughing
Candid photography makes for much more authentic pictures of your special day.

As you look forward to your big day, you will experience countless emotions —excitement, nervousness, anticipation, and more. Between the guest list and the menu, the venue and the decor, it can be hard to pull everything together. One of the most critical items that you can’t put off, however, is the wedding photography. Although many photographers continue to offer traditional wedding photos that involve poses and strained smiles, candid wedding photography makes for more of a natural feel. Experts know how to capture unfiltered emotions in a click, and you’ll never grow tired of looking at them.

Natural wedding photography has been growing in popularity over the last few years as more people look for ways to capture emotion in a frame. Not quite convinced about the idea? Perhaps you’ll change your mind by the end of this blog post!

Candid Wedding Photography

candid wedding photography - bride and groom walking under arms of guests
Candid wedding photography should tell a story.

Candid photography involves taking pictures from a journalistic point of view. Natural wedding photographers are, in a way, journalists who aim to tell stories. There’s no need for words, as your photographer can capture those genuine expressions and raw moments in frames. Even those who are known to be camera-shy can leave with breathtaking candid shots. After all, natural wedding photographers are trained to move around quietly during events, seeking to capture everything that happens as it happens.

Here are several reasons why you should consider hiring a natural wedding photographer rather than a more traditional one:

1. They capture authentic emotions

candid wedding photography - a bride and her father embrace
A good candid wedding photographer will capture raw emotions.

An experienced wedding photographer knows how to capture every moment stealthily, not missing the beautiful natural feelings of you and your guests throughout the day. The last thing you would want is for the photographer to ask you to smile at the camera as happy tears fall down your face. Such a pose would take away from the raw feeling of the moment, resulting in a forced-looking shot. A candid photographer would capture your genuine emotions as they appear, allowing you to relive them over and over again.

2. They maintain the essence of natural expressions

candid wedding photography - a bride and her child
Beautiful natural moments will be frozen in time.

One of the benefits of hiring a photographer who takes candid photos is that they can maintain the natural emotions of the subjects taken. The photographer will move around the location silently, ensuring that the subject does not even notice the clicks of the camera. Moments such as your mother crying, your father smiling with pride, and even your groom admiring you from afar will be frozen in time.

3. They take artistic photos

candid wedding photography - artistic shot of the bride and groom at sunset
Candid wedding photographers make use of natural light to create artistic shots.

Another benefit of natural wedding photography is that the photographer uses more natural light to take pictures instead of relying on artificial lights, such as flash or studio lights. They will make use of whatever light they have in order to take beautiful, and often artistic, pictures. Photos taken in natural light have a certain charm that studio lights simply can’t replicate.

4. They allow you to express your emotions freely

candid wedding photography - a groom cries
Candid photography allows you and your significant other to just be yourselves.

Candid wedding photography captures your natural emotions in their purest sense. You won’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not with posed photos, which is typical for traditional photography. With candid photos, your photographer will take pictures that portray the real you, without any forced smiles or awkward poses. You and your partner have the freedom to be yourselves!

Professional Candid Wedding Photography

candid wedding photography - a bride and groom
Lee Hawley captures stunning and authentic wedding photos.

Candid photography is a growing trend. It captures authentic emotions, maintains natural expressions, creates artistic photos, and allows you to express yourself freely. When you hire a candid photographer, you know they will offer you pictures that portray the real you—no posing necessary!

Lee Hawley specialises in stunning natural wedding photography and loves capturing all of the special moments of your day. Why not contact Lee today to discuss your wedding?

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