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Should You Get a Wedding Photo Book or Album - Our Guide

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Wedding photo albums and books are used to preserve memories of your special day in a unique way.

Exploring the difference between wedding photo books and albums...

Wedding photographers are responsible for taking photos that will be kept as encapsulated memories that a husband and wife can keep forever. They subsequently carry the burden of ensuring that their photos still have the magical effect of a wedding long after the reception. They should capture all of the special moments, from the couple’s first kiss as husband and wife to the best man’s speech. When preserved on celluloid, all those moments become portals that people can use to revisit cherished memories.

The main idea behind getting a wedding album or wedding book is to display and store those special memories in a unique way, which makes it easier to relive them at any time. Wedding books and albums can preserve memories for future generations to delight in no matter how long ago the photos were taken. They can also help communicate how special the love between two people is.

Differentiating wedding books from wedding photo albums

Most people tend to assume that wedding books and wedding albums are the same. However, they are actually different in many ways. Typically, the difference between the wedding album and book relies on certain factors, such as:

  • Will it be stored or displayed?
  • How often should the person viewing the compilation be turning the pages?
  • Will it be opened frequently?
  • Is it going to be placed on a coffee table or in a cardboard box?

These are just a few of the questions that a professional wedding photographer may ask you when you’re trying to decide how you want your memories to be immortalised. We’ll help you choose by explaining the key aspects of each option:

Wedding photo books

Known as the more versatile option between the two, wedding photo books are a type of memorabilia that keeps the essence of customisation at its very core. To say that the sky’s the limit when creating a photo book is an understatement. It comes with a near-infinite set of layouts, printing options, sizes, and themes.

Another key aspect of photo books is that they are much more portable. Multiple copies of them can also be made because they’re digitally printed. A wedding photo book is perfect for couples who want to share their special memories with other people!

Wedding albums

The standard wedding album is more a one-of-a-kind project than an easy-to-replicate piece, especially compared to wedding photo books. Wedding albums tend to be a lot more intricate and they are also heavier. With upgrades such as foiled printing and gilded edges, you can turn your album into a piece of art that functions as a coffee table book-turned-family heirloom.

Stunning Wedding Photos of Your Special Day

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Lee Hawley captures beautiful candid wedding photos.

To ensure that your final wedding album comes out as perfectly as possible, consider hiring a professional.

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