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How to Look Your Very Best In Your Wedding Photos

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You will want to enjoy your wedding photos for many years to come.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and likely the one where you will be featuring in more photographs than at any other time in your life. You will no doubt want to make sure that you look your very best in these photos since you will be enjoying them for decades to come. Make these amazing memories to look back on. Here are a few tips to help ensure that you look your very best in your wedding photos.

Practice Posing

Look to some celebrities for inspiration on how to pose. These people spend a large chunk of their lives in front of the camera, and they know exactly how to make themselves look their best! Check out some red carpet pictures and try to work out what the celebs are doing. There are lots of tips and secrets to help you pose in a way that flatters your body.

wedding photos
Don’t forget to smile!

Try this common and flattering pose; stand with your hips rotated away from the camera and put your weight on your back foot. Lengthen your leg across the front and point your foot toward the camera. Try to bend your knee a little and put your shoulders back whilst looking at the camera. And of course, don’t forget to smile!

Don't Tense Up

Sometimes we forget to act naturally when we see a camera in front of our faces. Try to be conscious of your face muscles - don't tense up! Oftentimes, we will squint or let our lips fall back, but you need to try to remember to keep your face relaxed and to smile.

Also, don't try so hard not to blink. This will not only tense up your face, but will also give you a more intense glare. Instead, try to let loose, and let yourself blink. Wait for the count to hold the blink, but don't keep trying to hold it for too long, as it will make your face look less natural.

Try to Go Easy On Make Up

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Go easy on the make up and ensure that you get the correct shades for your face.

Cosmetic touches can be great, but you truly want to make sure that you get the correct make up shades for your face. This will ensure that your wedding photos are flattering yet natural looking. If you want to apply a fake tan, make sure that every part of your body is the same colour. Flash photography will really bring out the colours, and you don't want the camera picking up those uneven orange tones. Tans, bronzers, and any lotions can also affect how your pictures turn out. Be sure to go easy on the makeup and try to keep it evenly coloured.

Arm Magic

If you're planning on wearing a sleeveless dress but you're worried about how your arms might look, there are a few ways to make them look more graceful. If you want your arms to look stronger and slimmer for example, try lifting them away from your body. This prevents them from being pushed against your body and therefore looking wider than they are. Another trick is to put the arm closest to the camera on your hip with your elbow pointing behind you. This will make your arm appear slimmer and accentuate your waist.

Work on Your Walk

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You want your walk to look just as graceful in your wedding photos as it will in person.

There will probably be many moments on your special day where you will be videographed or photographed walking. You want your walk to look just as graceful in your wedding photos as it will do in person. It's a good idea to practice your walk in front of a mirror if you want it to look natural on your big day.

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