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How to Look Great for Your Wedding Day Photos - Our Guide

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There are a few simple things the bride can do to ensure she looks stunning on her big day.

Wedding photography used to be restricted to the wealthy during the camera’s early days. However, no wedding is complete today without many shots on the aisle and at the altar. These wedding day photos will remind you of your transition to married life, and you would want every detail and moment of your big day captured in crisp and clear images.

However, when it comes to wedding day photos, it’s not only the photographer’s responsibility to ensure that you get the best shots. You have to prepare yourself as well. No matter how skilful the photographer is in getting those angles and exposures right, if you look unpleasant and untidy, the resulting photo of you will be unflattering. Here are a few things that will help you look stunning on your big day.

1. You hairdo

wedding day photos - bride having her hair done
Your hairdo will play an important role in how confident you feel on your wedding day.

The hairdo you choose for your big day is going to play an important role in how confident you feel. It's therefore a great idea to plan a trial run with your hairdresser a few months before the wedding. You can invite your bridesmaids' to this as well and turn it into a fun, girly day!

Treat yourself to an appointment with the hairdresser a week or so before the wedding to ensure that your hair is in good condition. You don't want to be faced with split ends or frizz on your wedding day!

Before your wedding day, talk with your photographer about the angles they can take to balance the shots where your hair or face should be the main spotlight. It’s also more practical to get shots of your hair while it’s still early on your wedding day; it's likely that your hairdo may wear down throughout the day. If you are not averse to using hair gels or sprays to keep your hair prim for longer, then you can use these products to maintain your hairdo.

2. Makeup

One common blunder brides can make is overdoing their makeup. With too much makeup you can end up looking like someone else, and cracks and lines can also appear on your face later in the day. The aim of good wedding day make up is to accentuate your best features and make you look healthy and natural. Most of all though, you should look like yourself!

If you're not feeling confident enough to do your own make up, you can always hire a make up artist for the day. Like with the hair stylist, you can arrange a trial run before the wedding in order to find exactly the right look for you.

3. Posture

When it comes to wedding day photos, posture is essential. Try practicing proper posture as much as possible before your wedding. This will help ensure that you walk, stand, and sit with flair and dignity in front of the camera. If you have physical posture problems, you might need to visit a chiropractor before your wedding to rectify any problems.

4. Nails and fingers

wedding day photos - bride's hands and nails
Your hands are going to photographed a lot, so ensure that they are prepared!

As someone who will be wearing a wedding ring, your photographer will inevitably capture a shot of your hand wearing it. Make sure that your nails are trimmed and polished. You can also try applying custom-design manicure on your nails to make a statement on your wedding day. If you’re not too confident about how your hands and fingers will look in the photo, there’s the option of wearing a wedding glove with an elaborate motif.

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wedding day photos - bride and groom kissing
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