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How to Get Beautiful Candid Wedding Photos of Your Special Day

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candid wedding photos
Candid shots will show the genuine emotions, love, fun, and laughter of your big day.

In this day and age, wedding photography is an essential part of the big event. Candid wedding photos can be cherished and relived as time goes by, acting as a tangible reminder of your marital vows.

The best types of wedding photos tend to be the natural ones that show the genuine emotions, love, fun, and laughter that you and your loved ones experience during the wedding day. These kinds of photos, from the most heartfelt ones to the funniest ones are the ones that will really bring a smile to you and your partner's face for years to come.

To ensure that those candid moments are captured in time and frozen for eternity, it’s best to hire a professional wedding photographer to help you. That said, here are some essential tips that will ensure that you get beautiful candid wedding photos of your special day.

Get Two Photographers

Although it may cost you more, it can be a good idea to hire two official photographers for your wedding. One photographer will be tasked with taking the more formal and traditional images, while the other one will focus on taking random candid shots. That way, you will be assured of having official wedding photos in addition to those more candid shots. The more natural, organic moments are sometimes taken for granted but can be the most genuine and special.

Select Photographers with the Right Skills

candid wedding photos
Some photographers have a flair for candid photography.

When choosing the photographer to take your candid shots, it’s best to find someone who has a flair for candid photography. To determine who is the most suitable for the job, request a portfolio of each prospective photographer's work and look out for the natural shots. Taking candid shots in a natural, flattering way is a skill that is developed over time. Choose someone who clearly has experience with this photo style.

Provide Your Photographer with Details

Providing your wedding photographers with instruction is important. They should be acquainted with the wedding flow and timeline. Should there be any surprises, they ought to be discreetly informed. But more than anything else, they should be prepared for what lies ahead during the wedding day. Those candid smiles, unbearable tears, and unguarded precious moments should not be missed out on.

Allow Cameras Everywhere

Even if two photographers will be present at your event to capture every moment, never disregard the power of family members, friends, and other guests when it comes to photography. They too are ready to take photos with their handy smartphones. Allow them to do so and encourage them to use an official hashtag when sharing images online. They will surely post beautiful photos on their social media accounts for the world to see as they celebrate with you. Who knows? Perhaps they will capture a real gem or two!

Hire a photo booth

A really fun way to spice up your event is to hire out a photo booth. This not only provides guests with entertainment, but it’s also a fun way to take informal photos during the wedding day. The photos will come out beautifully and it will definitely provide some entertainment after the wedding as well!

Are you looking for someone to take beautiful candid wedding photos?

candid wedding photos
Candid photos from your special day will help you to remember all of the small, precious moments.

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