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How To Get The Perfect Wedding Photos (No Posing Needed!)

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There is a seemingly endless list of things you need to do in preparation for your wedding. One of the tasks that couples often try to put off for as long as possible is having their wedding photos taken. More often than not, grooms groan at the sight of the camera and mutter, “I hate having my photo taken.” That phrase is definitely the stuff of photographers’ nightmares.

Common concerns

Let’s face it—having your wedding photos taken can be rather stressful. You have to spend hours before a camera, cheeks in pain because of the constant smiling as you sweat under the heat of the sun. However, you can’t avoid the struggles of dealing with a photo shoot if you want to capture the precious moments of your big day with your significant other. Typically, most people worry about certain things during their wedding photoshoot, such as:

  • Feeling awkward in front of the camera
  • Not being able to be themselves when having their photos taken
  • Being forced into embarrassing poses
  • Photos turning out worse than expected

The element that sets “OK” wedding photos apart from unforgettable ones

The truth about priceless wedding photos that are hung over mantels and displayed proudly in living rooms lies in how they look; natural. The best wedding photos don’t look forced. Instead, they give off an authentic, carefree, and natural vibe—qualities that make it easier to look back on photos with fondness. The secret to amazing photos lies in being candid, with a real element of genuine emotion. Think about it: real surprises are never rehearsed and touching moments aren’t meticulously planned out. Why should your wedding photos be any different? A great way to make the most of your wedding shots is to tell the story of your special day instead of letting the picture-taking process dictate it.

Tips on looking candid

Getting candid photos may seem straightforward, but it can be more complicated than you’d think. Here are some effective tips that you can keep in mind to make your wedding pictures look more natural:

1. Don’t spend too much time on posing

wedding photos - bride and groom walk together
You shouldn't have to worry about posing for the camera on your big day.

One common mistake that married couples often make is stressing out about the poses they should be doing. After all, they spent too much money on the wedding photographer to not look great! If this is what you’ve been thinking, relax! Most, if not all of the best wedding photos in the world required minimal posing. Don’t waste your time holding an uncomfortable position—relaxing will make you look so much better.

2. Get lost in the moment

wedding photos - a bride and her bridesmaid laugh together
Forget about the camera and just get lost in the moment!

Another great way to get good candids for your wedding is to forget that someone is taking photos of you. This is a piece of advice that makes it easier for your wedding photographer to get what he or she needs. Embracing the moment can mean the difference between an unforgettable wedding photo and an awkward, cringe-worthy shot. After all, how many of your ceremony’s most photo-worthy moments are the ones you’re actually aware of?

3. Avoid staring into the camera constantly

wedding photos - bride and groom walk hand in hand
Some of the best wedding photos feature couples who aren't looking at the camera.

Although it’s great to get a forward-facing shot every so often, remember that the existence of a candid shot depends on you not paying too much attention to the camera. A lot of the most amazing wedding photos in the world don’t feature the couple looking straight into the camera, which makes for a much more authentic shot.

4. Let your wedding photographer do the work

wedding photos - photographer takes a group shot
Your photographer knows what they are doing so just leave them to it and enjoy the day!

Another common mistake that most couples tend to make when they aim for candid wedding shots is that they try to tell the photographer what to do. The best way to get natural-looking shots is actually to let the wedding photographer do their job. After all, they’ve been trained in the art of capturing priceless, candid moments!

Professional Wedding Photos

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Lee Hawley specialises in beautifully natural wedding photos.

Candid photos are the best way to truly capture the love and magic in the air when two people become one. With these tips, you’ll have those beautiful moments commemorated forever.

Lee Hawley has many years of experience in taking beautifully natural wedding photos. He strives to capture every single moment of your big day so that you can remember it forever. Contact Lee today to discuss your ideas.

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